Ed Fraser, seines Zeichens Sänger, Gitarrist und Songwriter der in Berlin ansässigen Noise-Rock Band Heads., betritt mit dem Album Ghost Gums erstmalig Solopfade.

Hört das komplette Album, welches mit zahlreichen Gastfeatures diverser Musiker und Künstler aus dem Umfeld Frasers aufwarten kann, noch vor Release bei uns.

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Ed Fraser gewährt genaueren Einblick in die Schaffensphase von Ghost Gums: We recorded Ghost Gums with Kalle Enkelmann in Berlin over a week. Spike Rogers (Me, Furious Few) and Rosa Mercedes (Alright Gandhi) played drums and bass respectively, while Peter Voigtmann (Heads., The Ocean), and Paul Seidel (The Ocean) do some guest spots. Magnus Lindberg (Cult Of Luna) did the mix and master, Australian artist Luke Fraser (Amyl and the Sniffers, John Frusciante) created the ghostly artwork.These songs are more personal for me than what I usually write, I got a lot deeper into romance and loss here than I usually do. The record was named for the ghost gum, a special tree that you find only in Central Australia, you’ll only really come across them alone on rocky slopes and in empty river beds. They glow at night. I’ve heard some Aboriginal dreamtime stories say ghost gums are evidence of the presence of living spirits, that they shine through in the dark.”

Zudem veröffentlichte der in Melbourne geborene Musiker kürzlich das Video zu dem ebenfalls auf dem Album vertretenen Track Tempest.

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Auch hier liefert Fraser genauere Insights in den Entstehungsprozess: “shot the video for Tempest with my frequent collaborator, Rosa Mercedes. Our schedule was really tight so we rented a car and headed out to some lakes about an hour East of Berlin late on a moonless night. That day, Rosa had managed to hunt down the only person in Berlin who deals in waterproof body paint – an artist who has worked on music videos for members of Rammstein and other things – and last minute convinced them to sell us their only remaining personal supply for about 50 Euros. We parked in the forest, painted each other completely white and then ran around naked, filming our version of a tempestuous ghost story. A couple of ghosts in a cold lake at midnight with an expensive camera.”

Das Album erscheint diesen Freitag auf This Charming Man Records. Bestellt das Album hier.

Titelbild: Ed Fraser | (c) Basti Grim