PiN: What’s the difference between the last album and your new album ‘Enduring Days Will Overcome’?

Different songs played by different people in a different period of time with the addition of Alan Parsons. The first album was recorded live in a churchin three days, this album was recorded over three or four months in various studios across Europe. It has a more focused and considered production which supports the new material.

PiN: What are your main influences in music?

Anything that is honest and memorable.

PiN: How would you describe your sound?

Like coming home. Like something meaningful that you lost and found after 100 years.

PiN: Your sound is pretty complex. How do you manage to bring it on stage?

Through help from our friends George and Tasos Botis. George has been a fifth band member since the debut album and he knows how we should sound. We also consider what us right for the live shows and what we have to sacrifice due to technicalities. We dont have a backing track.

PiN: You’re based in London. Do you think the city you live in has an effect on your music? How would you describe it?

Busy, exciting, tough… It’s not an easy city to live in in many ways. Of course we get influenced by the activity around us.

PiN: What does music mean to you?


PiN: Atmosphere is an important part of your music. How do you write songs? Is there a main songwriter in your band or do you collect ideas together?

Some tracks are pre written by Alex and some are a collaboration. The albums we have done have a balance of both.

PiN: You did an video for the song ‘Feather Of Ecstasy’. What’s the idea behind it?

The video ties in with the concept from the artwork, achieving freedom in a different reality.

PiN: Do you think the internet is more a curse or blessing for bands today? How do you use it?

We use it to engage with people who like our music and as a platform for the songs and video we create. We have plans for something slightly more unusual in the future regarding our own website.

PiN: Who designed your new cover art? And what’s the meaning behind the picture?

Hugo Barros creating the piece. We have never asked him the meaning behind it. We felt we understood it without an explanation. We adore his work.

PiN:Is there a band you would love to tour with?

Nick Cave and the bad seeds.

PiN: What are your plans for 2014? Are there any shows or festivals confirmed you are espacially excited to play?

Many are being booked, we will be able to confirm within the next few months. We are looking forward to performing again.