NO)))ISECAST #36 – Multi-Kulti Rock´n´Roll: PLAIINS aus Hamburg

NO)))ISECAST #36 – Multi-Kulti Rock´n´Roll: PLAIINS aus Hamburg

We are talking with PLAIINS about all kinds of things – of course their music, how their different nationalities influence that (which also comes with some talk about politics) and how to do a proper live show. Well you can find out all about that in this episode. Enjoy!

PS: Sorry for the not-so-great audio, accidentally had wrong mic settings on. Won’t happen again!

PLAIINS is an in-your-face rock band that hits you like a freight train. They pull influences from punk, alternative rock, indie and metal. Chris Reardon from the UK on vocals and guitars, Tal Pinhas from Israel on bass and guitars and David “Dizzy” Suhlrie from Germany on drums. Together they make PLAIINS the perfect unusual combination of a Brit, Israeli and a German. A very exciting chemistry of sound that concocts songs with power, aggression, big riffs, infectious hooks that captivate audiences with their uniqueness. Lyrically the band confronts issues in politics, inequality, heartbreak, and mental health. As the lyricist, Reardon explores themes full of imagery, avant-garde detail, story-telling and character.

PLAIINS had been founded in early 2021, and in December of that year and were awarded funding from Germany’s Initiate Musik program. They were again awarded funding and support in December 2022 to help them continue their momentum. Since the release of their first single in April 2022 PLAAINS has been consistently added to some of the world’s biggest playlists on Spotify including “All New Rock”, “All New Punk”, “Fresh Finds Rock” and “Alternarock”. PLAIINS was quickly added to “BBC Introducing’s new favourites” with frequent airplay and their single C-A-P-I-T-AL released in December 2022, gained ‘Track Of The Week’. The band continues their momentum with radio play across Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Canada.

2022 saw the band release eight songs including their debut EP, three music videos and play shows across Germany. This includes supporting Australia’s new indie punk favourites Press Club by playing in Berlin to a sell-out crowd. In 2023 PLAIINS plans on releasing two further EPs with the first single coming out on 1st February 2023.

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