Yoko, Saki, Hitomi und Gooch sind vier Japanerinnen aus Brooklyn, New York, die mit ihrer fantastischen All-Girl-Group Hard Nips seit 2009 schon zwei Alben und drei EPs veröffentlicht haben. Der Mittelpunkt des Hard-Nips-Universums (die Hard Nips-Zentrale) ist Yokos Café in Williamsburg. Dort treffen sich die vier Freundinnen täglich, die sich alle den Nachnamen Nips gegeben und schon einiges auf der Agenda haben.

Yoko Nips (Vocals, Keyboard) is a music writer and has travelled to small college towns like Athens, Minneapolis, Chicago, Boston, Providence, Seattle, Portland, SF, LA, Austin etc to find indie bands. She is a good friend of Elephant 6 people and that’s how she found Bill from Team Clermont. She ran a Café in Williamsburg where she met many of the original Nips. She loves to travel and has even flown all the way to South Africa just to get away for a weekend. She is an energizer bunny and never stops moving.
Saki Nips (Guitar, Vocals) is half-japanese and grew up in the US. She went to art school at the Cooper Union and codes websites by day. She also practices Aikidō and has a black belt. She met the Nips through an art school buddy who was dating Yoko at the time. He said „You have to meet these crazy Japanese ladies!“ They hung out for a while and when their guitarist wanted to leave the band, she came in to replace her. Like Gooch and Yoko, this is the only band she’s ever been in. Saki learned most of her skills in the school of Hard Nips.
Hitomi Nips (Drums) loves the 60’s & 70’s era music, Glam-Rock, Psychedelic Folk-Rock, Slingerland & Ludwig Vintage drums, animals, fashion, cooking, old movies and Helmut Newton photography. She has no tattoos and always looks glamorous whether dressed as Twiggy or Tommy Ramone. Her dad was a drummer and she started playing at an early age. She plays in several bands such as Hi-Teen Boogie and Rockaway Bitch (an all female Ramones cover band).
Gooch Nips (Bass, Vocals) is an Island chick who loves surfing and dancing. She was born in Okinawa Japan. Playing my 70’s Daion bass makes me feel the same when I’m playing my okinawan guitar „Sanshin“ (used snake skin) which my grandpa taught me. I love the style of Betty Davis, Opera, R&B, Soul, Funk, 70’s rock music like Captain Beyond, Grand Funk Railroad, Heart and the vibe of wildness, weirdness, edgy, and marginal ideas. Long term friendship with Pika (Afrirampo) and Wolf the Bass (Acid Mothers).
HARD NIPS | (c) Keith Sirchio (@freak_scene)

HARD NIPS | (c) Keith Sirchio (@freak_scene)

Musikalisch gehen die Nips weite Wege, haben sie 2009 noch als wilder Hybrid aus Ramones-Punk und Garage-Trash angefangen, blieben sie über die Jahre und Veröffentlichungen immer experimentierfreudig. 

2020 sind Hard Nips eine Symbiose aus Indie-Rock, Elektronika, New Wave und Punk-Rock, die nicht nur live extrem tanzbar und beeindruckend ist, sondern nun auch auf dem neuen Hard Nips Album zu hören sein wird. Ihr Album Master Cat ist aufgenommen und produziert und soll noch dieses Jahr über Dadstache Records veröffentlicht werden.
‘On the new record Master Cat we completely upends our assumptions and delivers a record that feels more complicated and sinewy than our previous albums. Yoko’s voice is a saccharine time bomb mixing airy with total bombast. Saki’s guitar spreads electricity alongside Gooch’s viscous bass, while Hitomi’s drumming maintains the perfect balance between kit-shredding volume and nuanced pop detailing. Through the songs we concocted an homage to Rock’n’Roll obsessing over the brilliance of its past while also cementing its significance for future generations. It’s about the complete sense of wild abandon even when touching upon themes of heartache and regret which is inevitable when you offer yourself fully to the music’
– Hard Nips über ihr neues Album Master Cat

HARD NIPSAnaconda (The Antikörper Sessions)

Für The Antikörper Sessions haben Hard Nips im Juli 2020 zu Hause in Brooklyn einen exklusiven Remix von ihrem Song Anaconda produziert.

Line Up:
Yoko Nips – Vocals, Keyboard
Saki Nips – Electric Pipa, Koto, Keyboard, Vocals
Hitomi Nips – Drums
Gooch Nips – Bass
Recorded at home in Brooklyn (New York) and Montauk (Long Island) in June/July 2020 by Hard Nips
Written and produced by Hard Nips
HARD NIPS | (c) Tyler Bertram (@itstylerb)

HARD NIPS | (c) Tyler Bertram (@itstylerb)

Master Cat (Dadstache Records, Winter 2020)
Bunny EP (Independent, 2017)
Uncommon Animal EP (Independent, 2014)
Amazing Guns (Independent, 2012)
Hard Nips EP (Mix Pak Records, 2010)
I Shit U Not (Independent, 2009)

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Titelbild: HARD NIPS | (c) Ethan Minsker (@ethanminsker)

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