Rammstein Releases Legendary Album Anew

Rammstein Releases Legendary Album Anew

It’s been 26 years since Rammstein released their second album, Sehnsucht, and now the band has announced that they will be releasing a jubilee edition of the album.

The announcement was made on the band’s social media channels, revealing that the album will be re-released for fans to enjoy once again. Since their formation, Rammstein has released eight studio albums, with their second output launching the band and frontman Till Lindemann into international stardom. Sehnsucht is a legendary album that includes two of Rammstein’s most iconic hits, Engel and Du hast.

The band recently posted a short video on their social media channels showcasing rehearsals for the song Engel in a small room. The post also read, „Sehnsucht Anniversary Edition – coming soon!“ While the exact release date has yet to be revealed, fans can rest assured that it will be soon.

In the meantime, the band is gearing up for another tour, set to kick off in Lithuania on May 22nd, followed by seven shows in Germany in July. Rammstein fans have much to look forward to, with the release of the Sehnsucht jubilee edition and the upcoming tour.

It’s exciting to see Rammstein continue to thrive and connect with fans all around the world. As one of the most influential bands in the rock industry, their music has touched countless fans and will continue to do so for years to come. For fans old and new, the re-release of Sehnsucht is a chance to experience the band’s earlier works with fresh eyes and ears. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a newcomer, Rammstein’s music is sure to leave a lasting impression.

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