pg. lost? Vor kurzem haben wir uns noch gefragt was aus denen geworden ist.

pg.lost are back! Die letzen Jahre war es eher ruhig um die Jungs aus Schweden. Nun die Meldung von Pelagic Records:

Dear all,

Pelagic Records (The Ocean, Mono, Silver Snakes, Hypno5e…) is excited to announce the signing of Swedish post-rock experimentalists PG.LOST!

PG.LOST will release a brand new album later this year on Pelagic Records, but for the moment, Pelagic Records will be re-releasing the band’s last 2 albums on both, vinyl and CD, namely 2009’s “In Never Out” (20.05.2016) and 2012’s “Key” (20.05.2016).