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Sloe Paul – Remote (LP) (22.01.2021)


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Am 22.01.2021 erscheint das neue Album von Sloe Paul – es hört auf den Namen Remote und kommt über Treibender Teppich Records.


Playing in bands and formations of manyfold genres and natures, being a session musician and producer for a longer time, Sloe Paul debuted with Paul Abbrecht’s Album’ as a solo artist in 2018 on Treibender Teppich Records’. The bedroom produced record is a bag full of funky glam. A collaborative single release with Peter Muffin’ slides further into a charming cocktail of disco-soul, psych-wave and dream-pop all merged together in Paul’s offbeat compositions and extraordinary play of a huge variety of instruments. With his latest single releases he established more profound themes and textures in his work. Still the tracks are not necessarily dark and heavy, but rather playful and somewhat odd. The release of a second album is announced for early 2021 on Treibender Teppich Records’ and Intrnt Explrr’. Sloe Paul plays live as a five-piece band featuring Marius Schwingel on bass, Marcus Schreiter on guitar, Moses Alsleben on guitar, vocals & keys, Tim Bohner on drums and Paul Abbrecht on vocals and keys.

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