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Mit „Our Pathetic Age“ erscheint nun mittlerweile das sechste Studio Album von DJ Shadow.


Mit „Our Pathetic Age“ erscheint nun mittlerweile das sechste Studio Album von DJ Shadow.

Die erste Hälfte des neuen Albums enthält 11 neue Instrumentalwerke. Die zweite Hälfte ist ein komplettes Album mit Vocal Features, die von Run The Jewels, Nas über Dave East, De La Soul, Sam Herring, Paul Banks und Wiki, Inspectah Deck, Ghostface Killah, Pharaohe Monch bis hin zu Raekwon reichen. Außerdem dabei Lateef The Truthseeker und Gift of Gab (Blackalicious), sowie viele weitere Gäste.

“More than anything, I try to get a sense of the mood of society as a whole. The subtle signals that humans send each other, the way people behave, their frustrations and ebbs and flows. In my part of the world, people are scared. There’s rampant homelessness, and a real fear of falling into generational poverty. People are addicted to, and addled by distraction; they’re angry and confused, and disaffected by their own governmental institutions. There’re songs on the record that are inspired by this energy and seek to harness it, to make sense of it. In some cases, there’s attempts to salve the wound; in others, the songs merely observe but don’t offer solutions. I want the album to reflect the times we live in, a signpost in the ground to mark the era…Our Pathetic Age.” – DJ Shadow


  1. Instrumental Suite: Nature Always Wins
  2. Slingblade
  3. Intersectionality
  4. Beauty, Power, Motion, Life, Work, Chaos, Law
  5. Juggernaut
  6. Firestorm
  7. Weightless
  8. Rosie
  9. If I Died Today
  10. My Lonely Room
  1. Vocal Suite: Drone Warfare (feat. Nas, Pharaohe Monch)
  2. Rain On Snow (feat. Inspectah Deck, Ghostface Killah, Raekwon)
  3. Rocket Fuel (feat. De La Soul)
  4. C.O.N.F.O.R.M. (feat. Gift Of Gab, Lateef The Truth Speaker, Infamous Taz)
  5. Small Colleges (Stay With Me) (feat. Wiki, Paul Banks)
  6. JoJo’s Words (feat. Stro)
  7. Kings & Queens (feat. Run The Jewels)
  8. Taxin‘ (feat. Dave East)
  9. Dark Side Of The Heart (feat. Fantastic Negrito, Jumbo is Dr.ama)
  10. I Am Not A Robot (Interlude)
  11. Urgent, Important, Please Read (feat. Rockwell Knuckles, Tef Poe, Daemon)
  12. Our Pathetic Age (feat. Sam Herring)


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