Madness – Our House (LP) (12.03.2021)


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MADNESS were one of the leading bands of the UK ska revival of the late ‘70s and early ‘80s. As their career progressed, Madness branched away from their trademark “nutty sound” and incorporated large elements of Motown, soul, and British pop; their songwriting becoming ever-more nuanced and sophisticated. Although the band enjoyed one crossover American hit with ‚Our House‘ in 1983, they remained a British phenomenon, but their influence on several successive generations of international musicians looms large. Madness remain one of the UK’s most beloved groups; a national treasure with a plethora of smash hit singles under their belt. This album brings you twelve of their very best songs including ‚Night Boat To Cairo‘, ‚Our House‘ and ‚It Must Be Love‘, plus their most recent single, ‚Bullingdon Boys‘.

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