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Mr. Bungle – The Night They Came Home: A Virtual Live Concert Experience (Blu-ray + CD) (11.06.2021)


The Night They Came Home: A Virtual Live Concert Experience was shot at the Eureka Public Library on Halloween (31.10.2020), as the stage set-up was decorated with bookcases, hardwood floors, and various props.

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Performing mostly from the band’s re-recorded 1985 demo The Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny Demo. From the merciless fills and slamming beats of Dave Lombardo, to the relentless riffing of Scott Ian, to the poignant bass lines of Trevor Dunn, to the frenetic guitar solos of Trey Spruance and the unique vocal delivery of Mike Patton, the band ripped through a 12-song set, including a raucous encore of Van Halen’s „Loss of Control.

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