The Notwist kehren nach sechs Jahren mit neuen Titeln auf Morr Music zurück.

Ship ist der Titeltrack der kommenden EP, die am 21. August erscheinen wird. Es ist sowohl eine Exposition der musikalischen Vielfalt der Band als auch ein Ausblick auf das kommende Album.

Die 3-Track 10″ EP kann hier vorbestellt werden. Insgesamt gibt es nur 1.000 Exemplare.

Six years have passed since The Notwist released their last regular studio album, but that doesn’t mean that the members of this outstanding band have been idle in the meantime. There have been side projects, movie scoring, and other activities, like programming four editions of „Alien Disko“, a festival taking place in Munich, Germany. One of that event’s regular guests was the Japanese duo Tenniscoats – and a lovely side effect from that was an evolving friendship between the two bands. It lead to various collaborations: most recently in a new album by international band „Spirit Fest“ (featuring Tenniscoats singer Saya & The Notwist’s Markus & Cico) & a deep digging compilation of Japanese indie music called „Minna Miteru“. “Ship”, the title track of the forthcoming EP is another step in this collaboration – and a first step to an upcoming album by The Notwist – as it features Saya, who lends her voice to the percussive song. It is build around a slightly detuned synthline, which is contrasted by more pragmatic guitar work. „It neither sounds like The Notwist, Tenniscoats, nor Spirit Fest“, tells Markus Acher. „Just like Saya is saying in the lyrics: ‘I want to go outside, I want to meet people’, „Ship“ is another chapter in what The Notwist always tries to do: redefining itself, exploring something new, integrating different styles of music and collaborating with musicians they admire.“

Titelbild: The Notwist | (c) Morr Music